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Weekly Winners & Losers (Week of 1/27/2019)


The market finished down overall this week, with a few percentage points deducted from the overall market cap.  One of the reasons for the slight decline is being blamed on the continued government shutdown, forcing the SEC to yet again postpone any possibility on a potential Bitcoin ETF approval.  One wonders if and when the greatly awaited derivative finally gets approved, will it even be possible for it to ever make up for the losses that have been accrued over the past 2 years that were the result of continual denials and postponements from the SEC? I guess as usual, we’ll just have to wait and see.


As expected, the minor market declines did leave a majority of the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies down for the week, but there were quite a few that managed to avoid this fate as well.  In fact this week has by far been the most diverse in regards weekly to the weekly ROI than any other week of the year.

Below is the breakdown of last week’s biggest winners and losers from the Top 50 coins:


Top Weekly Winners:



  1. Holotoken (HOT) – $0.001215/24 Hrs 2.46%/  7 Day: 49.05%


  1. TronX (TRX)- $0.029651/24Hrs: 77% 7 Day: 21.94%


  1. Nano (NANO) – $0.971702/24 Hrs (-5.49%)/  7 Day: 8.66%




The losses were nowhere near the levels of containment we saw last week, where the top 3 weekly losers combined equaled out to 16.14% that was easily eclipsed by Augur draw down alone, proving what goes up can sometimes fall back down.


Top Weekly Losers:



  1. Augur (REP)-$13.23/ 24 Hrs: (-6.66%)/7 Day: (-29.65%)


  1. Steem (STEEM)-$0.325161/ 24 Hrs: (-7.95%)/ 7 Day: (-14.51%)


  1. Iota (MIOTA)-$0.285090/ 24 Hrs: (-1.57%)/7 Day: (-9.41%) 


Augur continues to show how complicated of a coin it can be, after charting number one for biggest weekly loss, it shows up at number two in our Top Monthly Winners section.


Top Monthly Winners:



  1. Holotoken (HOT)– $0.001215/24 Hrs 2.46%/ 30 Day: 60%


  1. Augur (REP)-$13.23/24Hrs (-6.66%)/30 Day:97%


  1. Chainlink (LINK)– $0.443154/ 24 Hrs (-8.49%)/30 Day: 25%



Honorable Mention: 


Tron X (TRX)- $0.29651/ 24 Hrs: 10.77%/ 30 Day: 42.58%


Bitcoin Cash and Waves continue to keep the pattern of a losing tradition throughout the month as well as the week, with only one newcomer being added to the losing list.


Top Monthly Losers:



  1. Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC)-$121.11/ 24 Hrs: (-5.26%)/30 Day: (-39.28%) 


  1. Waves (WAVES)-$2.49/ 24 Hrs: (-3.25%)/30 Day: (-36.63%)


  1. Stratis (STRAT)-$0.962284/ 24 Hrs: (-6.63%)/7 Day: (-32.99%) 



As always below is the list of the current Top 5 Cryptocurrencies:


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 


(As of January 28th 2019, Midnight)


Bitcoin (BTC):

Price: $3,443.19   Market Cap: $60,274,400,841

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-2.80%) 

 Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: (-6.47%)


Ripple (XRP):

Price: $0.294904   Market Cap: $12,173,679,190

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-6.54%)

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: : (-18.35%)


Ethereum (ETH):

Price: $106.60 Market Cap: $11,175,464,187

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-7.89%)

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: (-21.39%)



Price: $2.29 Market Cap: $2,073,588,223

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-1.82%)

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: (-12.73%)

Tether (USDT):

Price: $1.00 Market Cap: $2,007,588,233

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-0.55%)

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 0.13%

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