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Weekly Winners and Losers (Week of 3/10/19)


The Cryptocurrency Market has been in a general uptrend over the past 4 weeks, while we have seen some dips, the good has been outweighing the bad by far as of late.  

While the biggest of the tokens have seen steady gains within the market median,  there have been some outstanding individual performers throughout the Top 50 Tokens. With  50%+ ROI being reached by tokens as high up on the totem pole as Litecoin.   


Let’s see what other coins hit it big and which missed the mark in this weeks Winners and Losers! Below is the breakdown of last week’s biggest winners and losers our of the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies measured by Market Cap:



The Top Weekly Winners:


  1. Alibaba Coin (ABBC)- $0.33048
    Past 24 Hrs: 1.26%
    Past 7 Days: 176.47%
  2. Binance Coin (BNB)– $13.58
    Past 24 Hrs: 2.79%
    Past 7 Days: 44.97%
  3. Litecoin (LTC)– $52.27
    Past 24 Hrs: 13.27% 
    Past 7 Days:







The Top Weekly Losers:



  1. Bitcoin Gold (BTG)-$10.57
    Past 24 Hrs: 0.53%
    Past 7 Days: (-17.14%)
  2. Omisego (OMG)-  $1.23
    Past 24 Hrs: 1.23%
    Past 7 Days: (-11.37%)
  3. Bitcoin SV (BSV)-$66.26
    Past 24 Hrs: 5.15%
    Past 7 Day: (-9.13%)


There was quite a skewed ratio between top performing % and bottom performing %, this variance  continues for the monthly numbers. As the gains are quite impressive, but the top losers are rather minuscule in comparison.  This variation will only increas when we look at the monthly figures below:



Top Monthly Winners:



  1. Alibaba Coin (ABBC)- $0.33048
    Past 24 Hrs: 1.26%
    Past 30 Days: 375.51%
  2. Thetatotoken (THETA)- $0.126932
    Past 24 Hrs: 1.46%
    Past 30 Days: 127.70%
  3. Binance Coin (BNB)– $13.58
    Past 24 Hrs: 2.79%
    Past 7 Days: 100.23%



While the monthly winnersROI% towers over the weekly’s, the monthly losers are much smaller when in comparison to their weekly counterparts, all good news for Cryptos


In a quick change of fortune, all of the top monthly losers for this week have, at one time been on the top performing side of the coin as well, with Holotoken  actually being our featured Coin of the Month in January! 


Top Monthly Losers:




  1. Augur (REP)– $13.06
    Past 24 Hrs: 2.64%
    Past 7 Days: (-9.43%)
  2. Holotoken (HOT)- $0.001043
    Past 24 Hrs: 4.70%
    Past 7 Days: (-8.58%)
  3. Tron (TRX)– $0.023672
    Past 24 Hrs: 4.68% 
    Past 7 Days: (-6.94%)




As always below is the list of the current Top 5 Cryptocurrencies (by Marketcap)


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 

(as of March 5th, 2019, 22:30 PST)


Bitcoin (BTC):

Price: $3855.83
Market Cap: $67,759,657,339
Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 0.62%  
 Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 11.83%



Ethereum (ETH):

Price: $136.54
Market Cap: $14,301,264,432
Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-0.93%)
Profit Loss for the Last 30 Days: 27.10%


Ripple (XRP):

Price: $0.313595
Market Cap: $12,923,930,121
Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-1.20%)
Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 5.14%



Price: $3.67
Market Cap: $3,326,289,235
Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 5.98%
Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 56.64%


Litecoin (LTC):

Price: $52.69
Market Cap: $3,179,002,453
Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 15.80%
Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 55.20%


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