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Weekly Winners & Losers (Week of 1/21/2019)




This week was strong after last weeks near globally dismal performance amongst the Top 50 Crypto’s.  With the only major setback coming early Sunday morning, pushing most of the tokens down around the 5% range including Bitcoin.  While this week showed some promise, it wasn’t enough to turn around the rough start to the month that it’s been for the majority of coins within the top 50.


However this isn’t the case for all tokens as we see in this list, this week winner have some heavy hitters for winners.  Some coins continue to defy the trends that seem jump off with Bitcoin, and then cause so many of the other majors to follow.  There’s always some tokens that will have positive fundamental data that manages to outweigh the technical data hurricane that is Bitcoin.


Below is the breakdown of last week’s biggest winners and losers from the Top 50 coins:



Top Weekly Winners:


      1.Augur (REP) – $16.86/24 Hrs (-10.60%)/  7 Day: 105.63%


      2.STEEM (STEEM)- $0.404873/24Hrs: 5.22% 7 Day: 58.91%


      3. Aeternity (AE) – $0.422596/24 Hrs (-5.33%)/  7 Day: 17.45%




Fortunately the losing coins all stayed on the low end as far as negative ROI percentage goes, with Bitcoin Cash only making the list because of today’s draw downs.



Top Weekly Losers:


      1.Waves (WAVES)- $2.49/ 24 Hrs: (-3.25%)/7 Day: (-7.12%)


      2.Bitcoin Gold (BTG)- $11.09/ 24 Hrs: (-2.87%)/ 7 Day: (-5.82%)


      3.Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC)- $121.11/ 24 Hrs: (-5.26%)/7 Day: (-3.2%) 



Top Monthly Winners:



      1.Augur (REP) – $16.86/24 Hrs (-10.60%)/ 30 Day: 105.67%


     2.Chainlink (LINK)- $0.473132/24Hrs (-2.26%)/30 Day:51.51%


      3. STEEM (STEEM)- $0.404873/24Hrs 5.22% /30 Day: 22.23%


Bitcoin Cash and Waves continue to keep the pattern of a losing tradition throughout the month as well as the week, with only one newcomer being added to the losing list.



Top Monthly Losers:



      1.Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC)- $121.11/ 24 Hrs: (-5.26%)/30 Day: (-39.28%) 


      2.Waves (WAVES)- $2.49/ 24 Hrs: (-3.25%)/30 Day: (-36.63%)


      3.Stratis (STRAT)- $0.962284/ 24 Hrs: (-6.63%)/7 Day: (-32.99%) 



As always below is the list of the current Top 5 Cryptocurrencies:


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 

(as of January 21st, 2019, Midnight)


Bitcoin (BTC):

Price: $3545.05   Market Cap: $62,012,939,266

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 0.03%  

 Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: (-12.01%)


Ripple (XRP):

Price: $0.316679   Market Cap: $12,960,991,593

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-1.43%)

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: : (-13.05%)


Ethereum (ETH):

Price: $116.25 Market Cap: $12,074,412,042

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-1.5%)

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: : (-0.81%)


Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC):

Price: $121.28 Market Cap: $2,130,925,327

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: (-3.08%)

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: : (-39.20%)



Price: $2.32 Market Cap: $2,104,929,523

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 1.78%

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: (-11.56%)


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