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The “Korean Ethereum”



Coin Name: ICON (ICX)


Price: $3.75 ( Up 3.1% In the Last 30 Days)


Market Cap: $1,543,045,598


Wallet: Exodus, MyEtherWallet (MEW, Ledger Nano S (MEW), IconEx(Beta)


Where It Can Be Acquired: Binance





ICON has been dubbed the “Korean Ethereum” and was built with the purpose of creating a global decentralized network. In actuality, it works like a bit of a hybrid of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. With one function of it allowing independent blockchains with different governances to transact with each other, while also producing an ecosystem that enables people to pay for products and services directly to organizations, government departments, universities, hospitals, etc., as long as they’ve partnered with ICON.



Recently ICON announced a partnership formed with Line Plus, a messenger app popular throughout East Asia and within gaming communities (similar to WhatsApp, Skype, Viber or Wechat).  Line Plus reports over 200 million users utilizing their global platform, will be forming Unchain, a blockchain ecosystem that rewards its users for contributions to the network.



Additionally, Pantera Capital, a dedicated crypto investment fund, announced ICON as one of its targeted coins to watch. ICON shares same space as NEO and QTUM, but at a lower entry point for investors. We look at it as at least a 1-year hold, and with the way it’s trending we’re predicting triple digit % ROI in 6 months in anticipation of the release of its desktop and mobile wallets.  It’s has a clear-cut strategy, and it’s been following this path ahead of schedule which is particularly rare for a technology company nowadays.  We recommend you make some room for this up and comer in your digital portfolio.

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