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The Blockchain “Fixer”


Coin Name: Zilliqa (ZIL)



Price:   $.09  Up 9.86% In The Last 24 Hours



Market Cap : $685,209,467







Wallet: MyEtherWallet (ERC20), Ledger Nano S (MEW)


Exchange: Binance






Zilliqa’s goal is to lessen the bottlenecks on the blockchain itself. Scaling has become a huge problem in maintaining stability. Currently, popular blockchains have a choke point on transactions per second (TPS) that they can maintain, Zilliqa aims to make use of sharding as a solution to improve current TPS. With this, instead of processing multiple nodes in one transaction Zilliqa will put different transactions into different shards based on their addresses. These shards then process the transaction independently instead. Zilliqa is one of the better solutions for scalability.




One of the biggest challenges in the blockchain space is dealing with bottlenecks that transactions can create. Its architecture is innovative and the approach is unique enough to be adopted across the industry. The potential for Zilliqa as a smart contract platform in a competitive market hinges on community development. There is no question with its technology building partnerships and bringing in developers for DApps.




Right now there is good value in Zilliqa with room for it grow past its current ATH which is 2.6x the current price.





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