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Rewiring Financial Infrastructure with Wanchain


Wanchain initially forked from the Ethereum Blockchain, starting out initially as a replica, it has since established its own dedicated platform with the added focus on cross-chain operability, intra-chain privacy, and cross-chain privacy.


Wanchain is aiming to restructure the current blockchain interaction by establishing a new distributed financial infrastructure to bring different blockchain networks together to exchange values. Wanchain is set up to be a decentralized version of the traditional bank. Similar to a bank, Wanchain gives its users access to services that allow them to make transactions but with cryptocurrency in the form of investments, loans, exchanges, or crowdfunding.


Wanchain is one of the early adopters of interoperability, pushing cross-chain smart contracts that can be either public or private.
Wanchain first listed on Binance on March 25, 2018 opening at $4.16. In this past week, the Market Cap has shot up from $670 million to $986 with the value appreciating from $6.26 up to $9.84.
Look for this coin to continue to see steady gains as this project continues to launch more ICO’s from their blockchain platform in the months to come.


I can see Wanchain as a top 10 crypto with the Market Cap rising as high as $8 to 1$0 billion; earning early adopters ROI’s ranging from 10x to 20x their initial investments.


Wanchain has an opensource Wallet Option, additionally, there is a current desktop version of their Wallet in development expected to be released this month as well as Ledger Nano S support coming soon.

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