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Don’t call it a comeback, rather a  Sleeping Giant



Coin Name: Cyber Physical Chain (CPC)



Current Coin Price : $0.12 (Up 39% last 30 days)


Market Cap: $34,523,287


Wallet – ERC20- My Ether Wallet (MEW), Ledger Nano S(MEW)


Where it Can be Acquired: IDEX





CPChain combines three technologies; blockchain technology, encryption computation and enhanced scalability via cloud storage. This will allow CPChain to build a new infrastructure that will expand the current IOT-environment. IOT devices to interact with different data sets over cross-chain applications. It will be a driving force for comprehensive data acquisition, data sharing, storage, and application use in the IOT industry. This opens up a way for vendors and suppliers to monetize real-time data on the Blockchain.


CPC is not currently trading on major exchanges, but when it finally does, we will see an increase in value. At its current price of $0.12, this is currently a 1-year hold at least to see 10-20x ROI in my opinion.

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