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Coin of The Week

Name/Symbol: Dogecoin (DOGE)


Price: $.005216 (+94.9 30days)


Market Cap : $605,272,355


Whitepaper/ Website:


Wallet: Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux), Android



Dogecoin was a much talked about coin during the peak of Crypto-Mania last year, initially intended as a “joke currency,” but over this last quarter, it’s proven to be no laughing matter. The coin that gained its initial traction from having a logo that featured the likeness of Shiba Inu, a beloved viral internet meme at the time, was enough to give Doge it’s first initial spikes of interest, however, it has since shown that it’s much more than just a gimmick or one trick pony.



Dogecoin has proven to be a token that it blazing its own trail, with price movements that are not directly tied to the results of the top 5 crypto’s, unlike most of the other top 50 tokens. Proving this by showing nearly 100% growth over the last 30 day, an otherwise mostly bearish time span.



There is more to it then just laughs and dumb luck though, It has been the center of a couple of fundraising campaign’s ( ’14 Winter Olympics, Doge4Water, NASCAR). These types of events have helped DOGE gain value in the past from a marketing aspect. DOGE has also been exchanged through popular websites like Reddit and which boosts its popularity on those platforms.



Its success as of late has put it on the radar of more and more fund managers and casual investors alike. It brings diversity to a crypto portfolio as it goes against trends. and we feel it’s a strong consideration for a longterm and midrange hold option. As the market continues to grow we hope to see more coins diverge from the common path like this, and the dog is pretty darn cute too.

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