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Coin of The Week 9/3/2018

  Coin of the Week   Coin: Vechain (VEN)/ Vechain Thor (VET)   Market Cap : $886,170,740   Price : $0.0132 ( Up 19% the last 24 hrs, Up 97% the last 7days)   Whitepaper:   Wallet: VechainThorWallet (iOS and Android), Ledger Nano (pending)       VeChain (VEN) is a supply chain logistics company that evolved into a DApp platform, in order to compete in the market space

Clearing the Way for Bitcoin to Go Mainstream

      What’s one critical factor preventing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from entering into the mainstream from their partially-submerged position? Trust.   With trust comes transparency of process; general knowledge of how it functions, what role it plays in a given segment of the economy; and a fundamental understanding of what it is, and more importantly, what it is not.   But herein lay a fundamental problem. While most

The Many Antics of John Macafee, Bitcoin’s Hero

Macafee has had quite a busy week… Fresh off of his “Babe Ruth” like moment last week announcing that Bitcoin will hit $15,000 by June  12th (which if this turns out true, Bitcoin has some work to do).  This was only the beginning of what’s becoming a rather epic streak of outlandish statements & Announcements from the 72-year-old die hard Crypto Enthusiast.     For those of you unaware, John

Howey Coins A Truly One of a Kind ICO!

    There’s a new ICO that’s gaining lots of web traffic in the last month.  is a website for this new ICO that claims to “Combine the two most growth-oriented segments of the digital economy” which are Blockchain and Luxury Travel.  Boasting the following key sales points:     HoweyCoins are officially registered with the U.S. government; HoweyCoins will trade on an SEC-compliant exchange where you can buy

What’s Up With Ripple?

    Ripple is regarded as one of the oldest and well-backed cryptocurrencies, having been around for six years now. The main aim of Ripple is to create a protocol for large financial institutions to use, in order to make the transactions quick and secure.     One of the striking features of Ripple is that it is not mineable, this means that a user cannot use the computer to

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