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Santander Slapped in San Palo

    Santander Bank,  easily makes the top twenty largest banks in the world list (usually between 16th-20th depending on the list you’re looking at), with over a trillion dollars in assets, took a loss in court yesterday in what can be described as the Crypto upset of the year. Santander Bank has been denied in their appeal that was filed with the Court of Justice in San Palo yesterday. 

What 4 Things Impact Cryptocurrency Markets?

Coin of the Month

  Name/Symbol:    Binance Coin (BNB)     Price: $14.74 (+30.64% 7 Days/ +65.54%  30 days)     Coin Ranking: 7th   Market Cap : $2,100,220,883   Website/Whitepaper     Wallets Available: Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux), Android & IPhone     Summary: This is one that we should’ve featured a while back, it has actually been almost featured by us at least a dozen times in the past year, but what can you do? Not

Weekly Winners and Losers (Week of 3/10/19)

  The Cryptocurrency Market has been in a general uptrend over the past 4 weeks, while we have seen some dips, the good has been outweighing the bad by far as of late.   While the biggest of the tokens have seen steady gains within the market median,  there have been some outstanding individual performers throughout the Top 50 Tokens. With  50%+ ROI being reached by tokens as high up on

Weekly Winners & Losers (Week of 3/4/19)

  This past week we saw an uptrend in the market, while not the massive gains that we’ve seen some weeks, still, most of the major coins finish their week in the black.  While even the biggest losers for the week managed to contain their losses to less than 10%.   One potential reason behind this week’s good fortune has been a result of the large amount of positive news

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