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The Complicated Story of Facebook’s Libra

  It’s quite seldom, especially these days, that we get to see both the left and right agree on anything.   Well, this unicorn jumping over a blue moon on a double rainbow Friday the Thirteenth was spotted just last week as both Democrats and Republicans throughout the United States Senate stood together and unanimously declared that they don’t like one this Facebook Cryptocurrency business one bit…but why??     In

Winners & Losers (Week of 7/28/2019)

In this article we take a detailed look through the top 100 Cryptocurrencies, and highlight which tokens have seen the greatest gains & losses over the past 7 and 30 days. Below is a summary of the best and worst performing tokens.  The criteria used to derive the rank of each Cryptocurrency is based solely on a token’s Market Capitalization. This article was designed for informational purposes only and should

Winners & Losers (Week of 7/15/2019)

This Article presents a detailed look over the past week, as  to which tokens have seen the greatest gains as well as the greatest losses throughout the top 100 Cryptocurrencies. Below you will see a summary of the best and worst performing tokens.  The criteria used to derive the rank for each Cryptocurrency’s listed is based solely on the tokens Market Capitalization. This article is designed for informational purposes only

Ripple Makes Deal With MoneyGram

    Ripple solidified a two-year agreement with Moneygram, the world’s second-largest money service provider, the partnership will have Ripple overseeing all of their foreign exchange transactions along with the digital currency aspects of their business. Transactions will be facilitated using Ripples xRapid global platform.  This brings Moneygram, with approximately $600 Billion a day in sales, into the digital markets.     Ripple presumably was quite eager to make the

Winners & Losers

  This week we take a look at the biggest movers both in gains and loses.  Below you’ll get details on the three biggest winners and losers for the past week & month for Cryptocurrencies in both the Top 100 and in the Top 25.  This has been a week where most coins gave just a little back, however the majority of them continue to hang onto their grains from

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