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Category: Crypto News

Market Cap Surpasses $400 Billion… Again

  The Cryptocurrency Market cap crossed 400 billion this week for the third time, recovering from the initial dip that occurred in early March.  The market first achieved this milestone in early December 2017 amidst the pandemonium buying frenzy that began it’s surge last year towards the end of the third quarter when nothing seemed to be able to slow down Bitcoin and it’s historic upward march.   Besides the

Matrix AI Network. The Biggest Crypto You’ve Never Heard Of

  I’ve been following cryptocurrencies for almost ten years now, and one of the things I love about this industry is that you get to see new projects continuously being announced. Blockchain has ushered in a time where we get to see so much innovation, innovations that will soon change the way we work and live. However, for every one of these opportunities, you also come across 5-10 ridiculous concepts

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