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Category: Coin of the Week

The Blockchain “Fixer”

  Coin Name: Zilliqa (ZIL)     Price:   $.09  Up 9.86% In The Last 24 Hours     Market Cap : $685,209,467     Whitepaper:       Wallet: MyEtherWallet (ERC20), Ledger Nano S (MEW)   Exchange: Binance           Zilliqa’s goal is to lessen the bottlenecks on the blockchain itself. Scaling has become a huge problem in maintaining stability. Currently, popular blockchains have a

A Coinbase Front Runner?

    Coin Name: Ox (ZRX)   Market Cap : $699,459,195   Current Price: $1.22 (Up 140% the last 60 days)   Top Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex   Whitepaper:   Wallet: MyEtherWallet (ERC20 token), Ledger Nano S (MEW)     Summary:       0x allows fast transactions of ERC20 tokens between users securely through Ethereum smart contracts. The concept is to enable every asset, including fiat currency as well

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