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Category: Coin of the Week

Coin Of the Month

  Name/Symbol:    Holotoken (HOT)     Price: $.001340 (+92.23% 7 Days/ 223.92% 30 days)     Coin Ranking: 28th     Market Cap : $181,131,461     Website/Whitepaper     Wallet: Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux), Android     Summary:     Holotoken has been on the rise starting off 2019, being that our Coin of the Month is based purely on a numerical scoring system that is derived from

Weekly Winners and Losers (Week of 1/13/2019)

  It’s been an interesting month in the Cryptocurrency market, while things moved rather uniformly throughout the past 30 days, which direction they’re moving in has been quite volatile, to say the least. Looking at the Weekly and Monthly Top Winners & Losers throughout the top 50 Coins it is apparent that this volatility can work both ways.   It was a rough week for Cryptocurrency in general, while typically

Coin of The Week

Name/Symbol: Dogecoin (DOGE)   Price: $.005216 (+94.9 30days)   Market Cap : $605,272,355   Whitepaper/ Website:   Wallet: Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux), Android   Summary: Dogecoin was a much talked about coin during the peak of Crypto-Mania last year, initially intended as a “joke currency,” but over this last quarter, it’s proven to be no laughing matter. The coin that gained its initial traction from having a logo that

Coin of The Week 9/3/2018

  Coin of the Week   Coin: Vechain (VEN)/ Vechain Thor (VET)   Market Cap : $886,170,740   Price : $0.0132 ( Up 19% the last 24 hrs, Up 97% the last 7days)   Whitepaper:   Wallet: VechainThorWallet (iOS and Android), Ledger Nano (pending)       VeChain (VEN) is a supply chain logistics company that evolved into a DApp platform, in order to compete in the market space

Worth Taking Another Look…

    Coin Name: Bitcoin (BTC)   Price:6,611.85 Down 67% from it’s all-time high of $19,665.39 Market Cap: $114,457,752,866   Whitepaper:   Wallet: Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Ledger Blu   Exchange: Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, Genesis, Cryptopia, Shapeshifter     Summary:   We’re going to assume that we’re not “breaking” this coin to most of our readers. We’ve decided to break our typical format of finding an up and

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