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  This past week we saw an uptrend in the market, while not the massive gains that we’ve seen some weeks, still, most of the major coins finish their week in the black.  While even the biggest losers for the week managed to contain their losses to less than 10%.   One potential reason behind this week’s good fortune has been a result of the large amount of positive news

Weekly Winners & Losers (Week of 2/3/2019)

  Last week we saw things begin relatively quiet in regards to volatility in either direction, then a trend broke out, after midweek among the major coins. and it was downward.  Although 9 of the top 10 tokens suffered losses (the exception being Litecoin), fortunately the losses were nothing major ranging from >1% to around 5% for the top 5, and increasing in variation as the list progressed.   Below

This Week In Cryptocurrency (1/26/2019)

Hello Everyone, and Happy New Years!   I know I know, “Really? Happy New Years 4 weeks post fact???”   Well, technically that depends on which side of the world you’re reading this on. As we are now approaching the 1/12th mark to our brand new year, our counterparts to the east will soon be preparing for the end of theirs.   For those of you who are unaware, I’m

Coin Of the Month

  Name/Symbol:    Holotoken (HOT)     Price: $.001340 (+92.23% 7 Days/ 223.92% 30 days)     Coin Ranking: 28th     Market Cap : $181,131,461     Website/Whitepaper     Wallet: Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux), Android     Summary:     Holotoken has been on the rise starting off 2019, being that our Coin of the Month is based purely on a numerical scoring system that is derived from

Weekly Winners & Losers (Week of 1/27/2019)

  The market finished down overall this week, with a few percentage points deducted from the overall market cap.  One of the reasons for the slight decline is being blamed on the continued government shutdown, forcing the SEC to yet again postpone any possibility on a potential Bitcoin ETF approval.  One wonders if and when the greatly awaited derivative finally gets approved, will it even be possible for it to

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