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We are living in exciting times, witnessing the birth of a new era, a milestone in our history that will change the way things are done forever. We will live through only a handful of such innovations whose ingenuity will permanently transform the way the world works-innovations such as the launch of the Internet, the invention of the telephone, radio, automobile or airplane. Make no mistake, we are looking at something that will impact the world with a magnitude equal to, or even greater than these events.


Why IRA Bitcoin

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Our Values


One of our Associates will assist you to find out if your IRA or 401K is eligible to invest in Bitcoins.

Move Your IRA

IRA Bitcoin will walk you through rolling your IRA to a Bitcoin approved Custodian, and then to an approved Bitcoin Exchange.


Once you convert your $ to BTC on the exchange, your coins will then be moved to a secure Bitcoin Wallet, protected by the highest level of security and fully transparent to you at all times.

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