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A Coinbase Front Runner?



Coin Name: Ox (ZRX)


Market Cap : $699,459,195


Current Price: $1.22 (Up 140% the last 60 days)


Top Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex




Wallet: MyEtherWallet (ERC20 token), Ledger Nano S (MEW)







0x allows fast transactions of ERC20 tokens between users securely through Ethereum smart contracts. The concept is to enable every asset, including fiat currency as well as commodities & stocks to be represented as a token and for all Ethereum based tokens to be traded efficiently. 0x was designed to have off-chain order relay with on-chain settlement. What this means is that it combines the strengths and avoids the weaknesses of the two types of exchanges ( Centralized; GDax, Bitfinex or Poloniex and Decentralized; Index, EtherDelta, and Oasis).




Recently we have seen a pump for ZRX due to the resurfacing rumor of the coin being listed on Coinbase. There is a high chance of this happening due to the fact that it meets the criteria needed to be listed on Coinbase ( . The fact that there are three former Coinbase employees that are a part of the 0x team probably didn’t hurt for Ox to achieve this, and we all know what can happen when a coin gets released on Coinbase.



There are many projects & apps being built that are similar to  0x platform. Projects like Augur, Aragon, Blocknet, dEX, Maker, Request Network just to name a few. What makes Ox stand out and potentially link to Coinbase even further is was recently acquired by Coinbase to allow customers to trade tokens from their wallets. This move ingrains Coinbase into the decentralized infrastructure and sets them up for wallet-to-wallet trading.


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