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Weekly Winners & Losers (Week of 3/4/19)


This past week we saw an uptrend in the market, while not the massive gains that we’ve seen some weeks, still, most of the major coins finish their week in the black.  While even the biggest losers for the week managed to contain their losses to less than 10%.


One potential reason behind this week’s good fortune has been a result of the large amount of positive news announcements throughout the Cryptoverse, most noteworthy the clothing retailer conglomerate H&M issued a press release announcing that a large portion of their distributors will be adding cryptocurrency payment methods throughout their distributors worldwide, including . Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoincash (BCHABC), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD for some reason).


Equally significant was news of the US Public Pensions Announcement of investing $40M of their $5.1 Billion AuM, into a Cryptocurrency fund operated by a  VC firm named Morgan Creek.  This marks the first time a public pension fund has made an investment into cryptocurrency in any way whatsoever.


Hopefully the positive news continues to fuel an ongoing uptrend, as always we’ll keep you posted.


Taking a look at the weekly Winners we are finally seeing some new and familiar token names, which should make for an interesting finish in the ranking for the next Coin of the Month, we’ll see if it’s a fluke or the beginning of a streak soon enough. .


Below is a breakdown of the biggest winners and losers last week from the Top 50 coins:



Top Weekly Winners:


  1. Binance Coin BNB)$9.41/24 Hrs: 2.35%/  7 Day: 37.95%
  2. LiteCoin(LTC)- $44.20/24Hrs:0.75%  7 Day: 31.69%
  3. Maker(MKR)- $467.26/ 24 Hrs: 2.25% 7 Day:21.88%




Augur goes from the top weekly Winner to head up the loser list the following week, which might not be as dramatic as it appears. A pullback was inevitable for Augur, and having is occur of a week like the one we had last weak was ideal timing, given that even the top losers from last week walked away generally unscathed relatively speaking.



Top Weekly Losers:



  1. Augur (REP) $13.48/ 24 Hrs: (-2.09%)/7 Day: (-5.04%)
  2. Stellar Lumens (XLM)- $0.078379/ 24 Hrs: (-1.85%)/ 7 Day: (-3.61%)
  3. Zillique (ZIL)- $0/ 24 Hrs: (-0.38%)/ 7 Day: (-2.61%)


Wile losing some of their momentum recently Augur and Holotoken continue to remain Top Monthly Coins:



Top Monthly Winners:


  1. Holotoken (HOT) – $0.001163/24 Hrs: 7.42%/ 30 Day: 99.79%
  2. Bianance Coin (BNB)- $9.41/24Hrs: 2.35%/30 Day: 58.43%
  3.  Augur (REP)- $13.48/24Hrs: (-2.09%)/30 Day: 49.71%

And finally our most shameful list of them all…. With XEM championing it for the second week in a row!


Top Monthly Losers:



  1. Stellar Lumens (XLM)- $0.078379/ 24 Hrs: (-1.85%)/ 7 Day: (-44.3%)
  2. XEM (NEM)- $0.039171/ 24 Hrs:(2.02%)% 30 Day: (-31.41%) 
  3. Bitcoin SV (BSV)- $65.03/ 24 Hrs (-0.92%)/ 30 Day: (-21.01%)




As always below is the list of the current Top 5 Cryptocurrencies:


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies 

(as of February 14th, 2019, 2 PM PST)

Bitcoin (BTC):

Price: $3613.45Market Cap: $63,373,090,806

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 6.58%

 Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 0.51%


Ethereum (ETH):

Price: $121.84  Market Cap: $12,769,161,105

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 16.77%

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 0.88%



Ripple (XRP):

Price: $0.305071 Market Cap: $12,545,674,435

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 4.42%

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: : (-6.08%)


Litecoin (LTC):

Price: $41.58 Market Cap: $2,514,249,520

Profit/Loss for the Last Week: 25.39%

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days:33.64%




Price: $2.74 Market Cap: $2,483,671,643

Profit/Loss for the Last Week:17.43%

Profit/Loss for the Last 30 Days: 15.43%


Thank you as always for subscribing, see you  again next week!

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